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Build your Nordic Business

Build your Nordic Business

We specialize in helping international companies build their business in Denmark and the Nordics. If you want a local set-up without investing in office and staff, we have the solution for you. Just ring the bell.


Our Services



We localize your business

We localize your business

We are specialized in management, marketing and sales support. With our services we offer speed-to-market and value-for-money in an attractive market. Effecient, hazzlefree and with peace of mind.


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Increase your income

Increase your income

Both research and business experience suggests that localizing your business activities will grow your market share and boost your revenue. We offer you the benefit of a local operation without the downsides.


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Our Services


Local Management

We offer a “1-point of contact” solution to the Danish or Scandinavian market. Any queries you may have regarding your local business – we are here to help.

Sales & Marketing

We manage local marketing and sales activities our your behalf. You can see us as a virtual part of your sales & marketing organization.

Marketing & Market Communication

Adaptation or full localization of your marketing platform and marketing materials, including website, CRM and e-commerce activities.

Planning, development and execution of marketing and advertising activities. From digital campaigns to cross media including tv, print, direct marketing, outdoor etc.

Local content production, copy writing and proofreading of automated adaptions and content. 

Sales Support & Technical Support

The option to get local support in your own language is vital for many costumers. We can handle your sales support and scale it to fit your need. We can set up a call center for in-coming and out-going calls, a chat-function or an e-mail support system. We work with small down-to-earth solutions and larger professional systems depending on the specific case.

Sales and Account Management

In the case that you need us to manage sales locally or handle the relations and management of your local distribution, resellers or sales staff, we can set this up with short notice.
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A strong local partner

We help building your business in Denmark and the Nordics


Value for money

We have a full market presence. Our setup is already in place , so no waste of time and resources.

Our focus is entirely on your  customers and selling from day one. We offer full commitment to your products and services at a moderate investment. Our business model is cost efficient with minimum administration. You get a full-service solution for 1/10 of a traditional representative office.


Speed to market – with peace of mind

We provide an easy and fast way to enter and grow your business in Denmark and the Nordics. A peace of mind solution with monthly reporting of KPI’s and free from back office issues and unforeseen costs or obligations.

Customers served will and professionally

We have a strong local presence & knowhow. Solid experience in marketing and communication as well as  sales, client relations and account management.

Our network across marketing, sales and support is strong and makes us able to scale our service to fit your business.

Premium support

We can set up a support organisation to supports resellers and end customers in their native language. This will increase your customer satisfaction and sales.

Ease of communication

As a client you will have one point of contact to your Danish or Nordic business. We share all market and customer information and provide market intelligence and competitor information. Our office hours are quite flexible to the extend of our overseas customers will need this.

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Localize and increase your income

Many companies choose to roll out a global sales and marketing strategy without localizing their activities to local needs. It’s a cost efficient approach, however it is often a short term solution with missed market opportunities and ineffective marketing. It can end up being a costly affair with bad customer experience and thus lack of expected income. A waste of time and money – instead of new income from an attractive market.

Ronning & Co is specialized in services to international companies moving into Denmark and the Nordics. We get you a time and cost efficient solution as well as the good customer experience that leads to growing market share and income.
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The importance of localization

Finding the balance between standardization and localization of the marketing activities and web content is one of the preeminent dilemmas that companies face when tapping international markets.

Many times companies choose to standardize their marketing mix for international markets. However, both research and business experience suggests that standardization strategy may not be the most effective way to meet international market demands.

The complex nature of the international marketing environment promotes diversity in terms of physical environment, political and legal systems, cultures, product usage conditions, and economic development.


Satisfying customers

Localization or ”adaptation strategy” takes into account the inherent diversity that exists in international markets and treats individuals as “cultural beings” whose values and behaviors are shaped by the unique culture in which they live. Localization strategy is geared toward understanding local consumer preferences and other locale-specific requirements and then adapting the marketing mix and other business strategies to best satisfy consumer needs and wants.


Localization backed by research

According to a large study of consumer behaviour 56.2 percent of consumers prioritize being able to find information in their own language over price. 72.1 percent spend most or all of their time reading content in their native language and 72.4 percent of people studied would prefer to purchase products when the information is in their language.

The research also indicates that “translated” information is not enough. The content itself needs to be adapted to the local customers.


A better customer experience

Our experience in marketing and business development means that we can be a strong sparring partner for the company’s management as well as the marketing employee who has some concrete tasks and challenges. Our employees are all senior people with solid experience in sales and marketing. We can help you build your regional roadmap and marketing strategy and we provide the sales and marketing services needed to roll it out.

You will get a 1-point of contact that will act as your country manager. This includes all the reporting and assistance you need in the market.


Highly professional and cost-efficient

We are a networking agency, which means that we have the most important sales & marketing competencies in-house and wide range of special skills in our network stand-by where the situation requires it. It is a highly professional yet cost-efficient solution without overhead costs for employees and administration.
For us, the most important thing is that you get solutions and a service that exceeds your expectations. We will always go an extra step for our clients, so you feel like we are always there for you.


Web-based companies & e-commerce business

We specialize in services for web based companies who want to grow their e-commerce business in Denmark and the Nordic region.

However we can set up any solution that corresponds with your sales and marketing strategy and the nature of your product and services. No two clients are like and we will adapt to your specific needs in order to offer you the best service.


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